One year ago this week, I was at the most amazing Thursdays on First and Third! Great music, great food, and great beer. Oh, and everyone said yes! They WILL marry me!

Will You Marry Me

I'm not even sure how Will You Marry Me became a thing. Probably I was being teased about being a swingin' single bachelor, but however it happened, it happened, and I had to ask everyone to marry me. So, I did. Maybe it turned into the biggest proposal every, I'm not sure. Certainly the largest proposal in Rochester history!

Everyone said yes....everyone. And are we married yet? No! So many delays, so many excuses. Well, that's it...if you can't commit, I'm OUTTA HERE! ((lol))

Check out all the pictures!

And finally,I asked EVERYONE to marry me...their response was awesome until it wasn't. I can't stop laughing.

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