Every morning at 6:05 and 9:20, you'll hear The Good News (fancy title, huh?). Basically, it's just a guaranteed moment of good in your day.  I figure we hear negative stuff all the time, so why not add a sprinkling of positive, a smidge of happy, and when you get to today's video, a dose of tears of joy!

First, rest easy, kids are safer now than they've ever been. Child mortality rates are down almost 50% since 1990, kidnappings are down 55% since 1992, they're 43% less likely to die in a car crash, and also less likely to get hitby a car AND they're 59% less likely to be the victim of violent crime than in 1994.  If you find it hard to believe, or wanna see how good the news is on reported missing children, check out the the facts here.

And then this video. It'll make you cry.  Well, it made me cry, anyway. According to the video, the girl woke up paralyzed from the waist down one day, and doctors couldn't figure out why. Her legs suddenly started working, so she rolled up on her nurse and surprised her!