Five days a week, a little sumpin' sumpin' to give you a lift (especially on a cloudy drizzly day) it's the most honest waitress, and the wisest veteran.  

You know how upsetting it is to lose your car keys? race around like lollipop on full lick, searching, tossing, sweating! Or your coat, or your hat, or...your wallet! Now, I don't carry a wallet.  I don't like the way it feels in my back pocket, all lumpy and bumpy.

But there's a guy in Boise that lost his wallet when it was just packed with cash. $1,300 to be exact AND gift cards and checks.  He lost a wallet with about $2,000 worth of stuff in it.  But I'm getting ahead of the story.  The guy owns his own tree service company, works all hours to make ends meet, and had just chashed a bunch of checks and was having lunch, thinking about how great it'd be to pay off a ton of bills.

When he realized her'd lost his wallet he was freaked out. He retraced his steps and ended up at Carl's again...but they hadn't seen it.  That must have been a sleepless night, but in the morning, the Carl's manager called. One of the employees found the wallet and handed it in.  Nothing was missing!  Definitely good news.


Now, let's meet Richard Overton, America's oldest living veteran.

During WWII, he was in the Army, stationed in the South Pacific from 1942 to 1945. He turns 109 on Monday, and I can't even begin to imagine what he's seen and done in all those years.  Pick a subject, he's seen it change. Cars?  Rights?  Travel?  COMPUTERS!  Anyway, how'd he live so long?  He says you gotta keep moving.  Plus, drink whiskey and smoke 12 cigars a day.  Totally not kidding.  Wow.

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