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Do you ever have a day where you just feel like you need to go walk around a store and "look"?  I know that guys have a tough time understanding what this means but women, you get it, right?!  There are moments in our life when we just want to walk around a store to see what cute stuff is there.  If perhaps we see something that ends up being bought and put in a bag to take home, well that just means we were called to that store for a purpose and our soul was speaking to us to shop.

I asked a bunch of women what stores were some of their favorites in Rochester and I'm so glad I did because I now have that urge to "go walk around and browse" at all of them!

Top Shops in Rochester Where Women Love To Shop

Some stores you have to shop at because someone drags you there. Other stores are like a little oasis of paradise for your soul. According to women, there are quite a few of these stores that will fill your heart full of happy in Rochester. And here they are...

What store is missing on the list?  Let me know what your favorite spots are to shop at in Rochester.  You can find me on Facebook at my page - Jessica On The Radio - or over on Instagram here.

Not sure if you could use some free cash, (maybe for some shopping at your favorite store!) but just an FYI, there is a huge 'ol prize of $10,000 being given away and the only thing you gotta do to work on getting that cash in your bank account is listen for the secret code words.  The easiest way to listen all the time is through the Y-105FM app here (which is also free).

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