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Minnesota is overall a pretty decent place to live. We've got big cities and little towns, wide-open spaces and before COVID some tight spaces for people to hang out in, but crime does happen.

The FBI recently released data that focuses on the crime in the US, and part of that data breaks down various crimes per state, and then even more granular into a city-by-city look at crime. The categories vary from violent crime to motor vehicle theft. We took the violent crime data from 2019, the most recent year available, and broke it down per 100,000 people/residents. What Minnesota city would you think is the most dangerous? Got a city in mind?

Alright, here are the top-10 most dangerous cities according to FBI data per 100,000 residents.

10 Most Dangerous Cities in Minnesota

Locally on the list: Faribault was at 255 violent crimes per 100,000, Owatonna 105, Rochester 215, and Preston 0.

You can see the full FBI list here. 

We calculated violent crime per 100,000 by taking the incidents reported divided by the population and then multiplying that number by 100k.

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