This is National Random Acts of Kindness Week. What are the MOST meaningful Random Acts of Kindness a person can perform?

Happy National Random Acts of Kindness Week!

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65% of us perform a random act of kindness once a day. 83% of us perform one once a week.

56% say they do it because it makes them feel good; 23% because of religious beliefs; 16% because they believe in karma.

I've been on the giving and receiving end of random acts of kindness. It's awesome. Have you? What random act or acts have you performed? Has someone helped you or brightened you day with a random act of kindness? Share that in the comments below.

Here are the Top 5 most meaningful random acts of kindness

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    Giving a gift to a person who seems like they need it

    What's that phrase you see in a meme on social media? Be kind to others, because every one is fighting a personal battle we might not know about? Your Random Act of Kindness could be the thing that brightens a person's day - maybe even makes a difference at a crisis time for someone else.

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    Taking flowers to a person in a nursing home

    A meaningful act of kindness is helping people who can't do anything in return for you. Whether you're handing out flowers on a street corner, or taking them to folks in a nursing home to brighten their day.

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    Hugging a friend when they least expect it

    The element of surprise is a powerful thing. Ducking for cover and running fast after an unexpected hug is just as important. Especially if you didn't wait for your friend to set down his or her cup of coffee, or any paperwork they might be carrying...

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    Paying for the person behind you when you're getting coffee

    Paying it forward could just mean paying for the person behind you in line, whether it's in the parking garage or in line for a cup of coffee. You get to bask picturing that person's reaction when they're told that they've already been paid for.

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    Leaving your waiter a big tip

    Usually there's one of two stories. The story about the woman who left the server nothing because she was jealous that the server was flirting with her husband. Or some guy wanted to make a point of what he thought was bad service by writing a note and leaving no tip. The better stories are the people that are extremely generous and kind, rewarding good service. Do that. Make those stories louder than the other ones. Bring bad service to the attention of a manager.

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