Did you see a movie over the weekend? What topped the box office?

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Only two new movies opened this weekend. Natalie Portman is in a new movie that's in limited release about First Lady Jackie Kennedy. Aaron Eckhart from Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen and The Dark Knight Rises is in a new horror movie, Incarnate.

Incarnate debuted ninth, earning $2.7 million in its opening weekend. I'm kinda wondering why a horror movie would come out after Halloween, but that's just me. Danny Glover's ensemble Almost Christmas dropped to tenth; Bad Santa 2 was eighth, picking up another $3.3 million for a total of $14.3 million after two weeks in theaters. Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge was seventh; Trolls, with Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake was sixth.

Here are the Top 5 movies from the weekend

  • Getty Images for Disney
    Getty Images for Disney

    Doctor Strange

    Even though Doctor Strange dropped to fifth, it has become the most successful Marvel super-hero movie. In just five weeks, the movie has made $600 million worldwide. That's more than 2008's Iron Man, which made $585 million. The movie passed this year's X-Men: Apocalypse. It beat all the other Marvel movies domestically, too. Over five weeks, it's made $215.3 million!

  • Europa Press via Getty Images
    Europa Press via Getty Images


    Brad Pitt's WWII film made another $7.1 million over the weekend. After two weeks that adds up to $28.9 million. I liked him in Inglorious Basterds. I didn't get a chance to see World War Z, yet. Does all this gossip about his personal life affect you going to see a movie he's in?

  • FilmMagic


    Lois Lane from the new Superman films, Amy Adams, and the Avenger, Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner were third. Arrival made another $7.3 million for a four week total of $73.1 million.

  • Karwai Tang
    Karwai Tang

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

    Eddie Redmayne must be the latest big thing! From Pillars of the Earth, Les Miserables, to The Theory of Everything and now the latest J. K. Rowling franchise. Fantastic Beasts made $18.5 million for a three week total of 183.5 million.

  • AFP/Getty Images
    AFP/Getty Images


    You can never go wrong with a kid's movie! An animated kid's movie any time of the year wins. Disney's Moana stayed at Number One for a second week in a row! The movie earned another $28.4 million for a two week total of $119.9 million. Right now, Dwayne Johnson is working on a couple of remakes for next year: Jumanji and Baywatch. He's gonna be in Fast 8, coming out next year, too.

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