Oh, science! You've gone and done it again! What is the one thing that makes your dog happy?

I've told you about my basset, Maize, before.

A dog's life is pretty simple and basic. Every day is a combination of Christmas and Saturday morning. Just another glorious day. Everything is a treat.

Science asked a very basic, simple question: What makes your dog happy? And they went right to the source - dog owners - for the answer. I mean, who ya gonna ask?

Who's a happy girl?

Here are the top five responses from dog owners on what makes their dog happy.

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    85% asked said that snuggling makes their dog happy.

    Snuggle buddies
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    Chewing a bone

    88% said it was chewing a bone.

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    Eating treats

    93% said eating treats.

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    Going on walks

    93% said it was going on walks.

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    Eating meals

    95% of dog owners said it was eating meals that made their dogs most happy. What's not to love about that?

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