We're less than TWO WEEKS away from Christmas!?! Have you gotten that perfect gift for your wife, or girlfriend, yet?

I'm nor rocket-brain surgeon, but I do know what I'm getting Cathy for Christmas. She loves bassets. She has a huge collection of elephant knickknacks. She loves Japanese art - y'know, portraits of samurai and geisha. So, at least I have a few ideas of what to get her.

If you're still scratching your head trying to figure out what you're getting, science has a few ideas. A new study found that women expect us guys to spend just over $200 on them this Christmas. The average guy thinks that $68 should cover it.

Science also asked ladies what they do NOT want for Christmas.

Here's the Top 5.

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    That's kinda takin' the easy way out. That's pretty much sayin', "Here, go buy your own gift."

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    Perfume, Body Spray of Toiletries

    It may sound like a good gift, but there's a good possibility of a few choruses of "You Don't Know Me".

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    Apparently, Christmas is not Valentine's Day. Go figure. There's no going to the convenience store and getting the grande bar.

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    Bath Salts

    Another generic, impersonal gift.

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    That's what she gets you. Why would you do that? Do you have some sort of death wish? No, nylons are not a better choice.

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