If you knew me years ago, you'd say I was anti-cat. And you know what? It was true. And, honestly, it's true. now. I want a pet that is a pet, not someone that I'd break up with if it was a person. BUT, having said that, I could watch cat / kitten videos all day long and twice on Sunday.

Same with dog / puppy videos, I just love 'em! Maybe it's because I'm allergic to both (big time...the whole eyes and nose thing PLUS big asthmatic response...ugh...been to too many emergency rooms thanks to cat owners that think "Oh, I put it in the basement" is the same thing as, "I have no cats.").

So, I put together my favorite cat and dog videos...whatdyathink? Are these the best?

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    Kittens Meet Puppies For The First Time

    Cute, pouncey, fun, and ALL THE ADORABLES!

  • 4

    NONONONO Cat Original Version

    It's a classic!

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    Husky Says No to Kennel

    Bahahahahaaa....this is why I'm glad our dog was a terrier. Annoying bark, but you could pick him up and put him in the kennel if you had to.

  • 2

    Life Is Not Working Out For This Dog

    He is SO frustrated!

  • 1

    Screaming Pug Rocket!!!

    Some may say,"James...why? Why is THIS the number one?" And to them I say, "Because...pugs!" And that's the truth, right?