Garage sales are great, you find stuff you need for a nickel or a buck. And some garage sale folks love haggling. I don't, it's a quarter? I'm paying a quarter. But I love to watch the people trying to make a bargain a better bargain. It is an art and you might end up with a couch, a new suit, a toy your kid loves, or a romance novel. All cool purchases. But, there are some things you should NEVER buy at a garage sale.

My good friend Michelle McFrank is a long time garage sale pro, and is even working on a book called, "Garage Sales: You're Doing It Wrong." I asked her what she thinks the top five no-buys are...

1 - Baby stuff. "Clothes are fine. Cribs, car seats, playpens and stuff like that are not worth the risk. Take car seats and cribs...old, used ones are way more likely to have faulty designs and could be very dangerous. Also, some materials wear down in time, so you could be left with something that'll do more harm than good."

2 - Bike Helmets. "Bike helmets are made with materials that break down over time. The shell might look great, but the cushy stuff, not so much. Who knows if it has been in an accident. Oh, and parents...replace a bike helmet if it has been in a crash."

3 - Non-Stick Pans. "I use non-stick pans, but garage sale non-stick things are usually older, and there are chemicals in the non-stick coating that could hurt you. Not guaranteed, but check out THIS and you can decide for yourself. I just don't think it's worth taking a chance."

4 - Underwear. "Unless it's in the pack, never used, just...eww. Some women will buy old bras, but I get that. You might need it, and they're so dang expensive. Plus, you can wash it and feel certain it is clean. I don't care how much bleach you use, you're still going to think them panties is filled with germs."

5 - Jarts. "These are old-fashioned lawn darts, and they worked great because they had super sharp steel tips that dug into whatever it came in contact with, including your eyes, butt, thigh, etc. You think you'll be safe, and your kids will be fine, but when they come in the house saying "Becky has a Jart in her ear" you'll wish you'd listened to me." If you're thinking, "But I'm an adult and we'll be careful!" Sure you will, Mike, and then your sweetie pie Chris is taking you to the emergency room with a Jart impaled thru the beer can and into your hand!"

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