I was looking through my Facebook photo albums and you know what? I take a lot of pictures. A lot! Sometimes for work, most of the time just because I see something that I like ((snap)) got it, post it, forget about it. Until now.

  • Laser Beam Eyes

    I was staying at a hotel and, in the pool area, found this. But I think it should be, "Prevent drowning...turn the water into a boiling cauldron with your laser eyes. It'll keep kids from even getting in the pool!"

  • The Poop Box

    I was unemployed and driving around looking for work, interviewing, all that jazz. I was visiting family in Michigan and we went to church, where I found the most amazing collection box. If I ever own a church, I'll have a collection box, too, but it'll collect money.

  • Unemployed and Learning to Use Photoshop

    I'd been laid off from my gig in Fargo and had plenty of time to celebrate The Month of James. And that included making up events. There was probably some whiskey involved in creating this.

  • Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Parmesan Cheese Rorschach Test

    In Idaho, every week I took listeners out to lunch at an Italian restaurant. The first thing that came to the table? Bread and a plate of the oil combo. Before I'd let anyone dig in, I'd ask what they saw in the oil. I think this one looks like Wooly Willy!

  • The Butt Monitor

    When I lived here before, this was my desktop image for...oh, probably two years. A gal at The Breakroom wanted me to take her picture, but at the last minute, she twirled around and gave me the butt. Being a pro, I adjusted my camera and ((click)). Later, I made it my desktop image so I could take a picture and send it to the gal, which I did. Which she thought was hilariously weird. I was too lazy to change it, so butt monitor it was.