This video is the culmination of a dream for Tracy McCray. She's wanted to have her own TV talk show ever since she was a child, so into the bathroom we went for From the Can!

I've known Tracy for many many years. We go back to the 90's for cry-eye. And not a week has gone by without her saying, " friend...have I ever told you about my Big Dream." Of course she's told me, but I know she's not really asking me a question. She's announcing the topic. And the topic is...Tracy's TV Talk Show.

"Ever since I was a little girl, all I've dreamed of...all I've ever wanted was my own TV Talk show."

I point out she has a wonderful life...a great husband, smart and beautiful children...

"Pah!!" she says, "But a talk show? That's something...boy howdy that's something!"

Every week, Since the 90's.

Well, her dream has come true. For you are witness to the premiere episode of the Tracy McCray talk show, "From the Can" where you find out what's going on out there, From the Can!"