I usually don't nap after 4 PM. What's the point, I go to bed between 7:30 and 8:30, so why bother? Well, I napped after 4 PM and I paid the price. The funny thing is...if I'd checked today's Facebook Memories, I'd have known NOT to nap. Really. 

Here's the scoop. Last night at 6:05, I woke up, looked at my phone, saw 6:05 and FREAKED OUT! Holy Crap, I'm late. Really late! I try to be at work between 4 and 4:30, so 6:05 is so bad. I'm running around like la chicken with its b'gawwwwwkin' head cut off!

  • Yesterday's underwear...on! (don't judge!)
  • Yesterday's socks...on! (you're judging!)
  • Yesterday's shirt...on! (oh, you're not even trying to hide it now!)
  • Can't find my shoes...WHERE'S MY SHOES! Shoes on.
  • Grab my phone. Check the time to see how late I'm going to be, Oh, so late.
  • Text a co-worker to let them know I'm on my way (why haven't they called? Bo has the day off, they know I should be there, why haven't they called!).
  • Almost out the door, get a text back asking, "Who is this?"

It's at this point that I notice it's after 6 PM.  Not AM. Huh. It's still Tuesday. Everything's OK. I'm not late. I'll be OK. Phew.

I reply to the "Who is this?" text. I type, "Mike" and hit send.

Now...how did Facebook predict all this? I'm eating dinner (fried egg sammich made with toasted Great Harvest Bread Co. Cheddar Garlic...om nom nom) and I almost choke when I scroll thru my Facebook memories and see this post from 2013. Click play on the video and prepare to be freaked out.

Why didn't my alarm go off? Here's why... http://youtu.be/6of0usRWvFo

Posted by James Rabe on Sunday, November 10, 2013