Word on the street is the former Sports Authority store, on South Broadway, is being split up into two stores. What'll it be? Here's what I found out...

Jeff Kiger, in the Rochester PBsays it'll be a Petco and and Five Below.

Petco I know, but what's Five Below?

This will be the first store in this part of the state for Five Below, a discount teen-oriented chain based in Philadelphia.

Apparently, it's like a dollar store, or an "everything for two dollars" store. In this case Five Below.


Like the name suggests, the chain carries products, like phone cases, T-shirts or tech toys, that are all priced at $5 or less. Each store is divided into eight departments - style, room, sports, tech, crafts, party, candy and "now."

No word on when they'll open, but good to know the big empty space won't be empty much longer!

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