What did you use like it was no big deal that, at least for a few minutes, would baffle your kids? A mom in Portland found her Walkman and some cassettes, and let her kids figure it out.

Reading the comments (I know...I know...never read the comments!), people are saying the kids have to be faking it, no one would be that dumb. Well, think about the last time you were handed something that was totally new to you and you aced it first try. That was never, right? Considering that, these kids got it nailed down pretty fast.

Way faster than I figured out what a "mangle" was. Back in the 80's, my parents moved into their retirement home and found a bunch of ancient stuff, including a really old mangle. It looked like something for the laundry, probably a press, but I had no idea how to work it. My mom did, tho...said she's pressed all my dad's shirts and underwear on one way back in the day. That's right, she pressed his underwear. And used to starch 'em! What the flamin' hooty-hoo?