Hearing an adult daughter impersonate her dad is my new most favorite thing! Karli McElroy and Meghan Southwick (from RDA) stopped by to talk about some awesome downtown events, this week* and since Father's Day is coming up, I asked 'em to imitate their dads. Hilarity is what followed!

Thermostats, bad jokes, and the yard/cussin' seem to be the province of the dad...and things you KNOW their dads said, too.

  • Don't talk back to your mother
  • Do you think I'm made of money? Well...DO YOU?
  • Money doesn't grow on trees
  • Were you raised in a barn
  • Don't tell your mother
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James Rabe - WT "Bill" Rabe and head of James

My dad was big on the thermostat, big on packing the trunk properly, and very big on telling the kids how to shovel snow. I remember a lot of that. "You're not practicing space management! Be ready for a big storm because it could come tomorrow!" Space management meant always throwing the snow as far back as you could, so that when a big storm hit, there'd be space so you didn't have to throw it as far. Good advice, really. But I still hated it. But, what did he say?

  • Don't dilly-dally and shilly-shally! Said when I was, apparently either on the shilly or the dilly.
  • Do boy, do! My most hated phrase. It means I was slackin' and I had to pick it up a notch. My dad liked seeing us do the job so it'd get done.
  • Quit lollygagging! Looking over these first three, obviously, I was a pokey kid.
  • BLAST! That's him swearing. Which he didn't do in front of us 'til we each hit 15 or 16.
  • Life is dull, it's making it exciting that's fun. He said this once to me...and I try to live by it every day of my life.

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