It's time to start a list of workplace co-worker restroom opportunities. You know, the stuff that makes you wanna poke someone in the ear-holes, but you can't poke them in the ear-holes because of HR (uuuugh), so let's call them opportunities.


Did you use up the toilet paper? No problem! We all do that. Could happen to the nicest person. Did you leave the bathroom without replacing the roll o'toilet paper?  Do you say its not your job? OK, that could be legit. Let's run it thru our Is-It-Your-Job-Alizer to find out.

  1. Did you use up the toilet paper? (YES/NO)
  2. Are you an adult? (YES/NO)

If you answer yes to at least one of those questions, it's on you to replace the TP (unless there is no TP, obvi). PS - No, I don't care if it's over or under, just so long as it gets done.


Many businesses have individual restrooms. Ours has a shelf right above the toilet. You gotta know a really important thing; if there's a toilet with no lid below the shelf, everything that was in the toilet sends UP gross particles of ick. A bunch of it lands on what is above the terlet. So, either...

  1. No shelf above the toilet
  2. Don't store paper towels above the toilet.

That's it. Two rules for ALL of Minnesota, because you never know when I might visit. And I'd hate to dry my hands with particulate-poop-paper-towels.

ps - If there is a toilet lid, close it before you flush...every time.

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