Have you heard about Opportunity Services?   It’s a nonprofit organization that helps disabled adults find meaningful employment in the area.  Recently a collaboration between Opportunity Services and Rochester Walmart South provided independent employment for six individuals who had previously been part of a work crew from the O.S. Day Training and Habilitation program.

Photo provided by Opportunity Services

Bob Fligge, the store manager of the Walmart Rochester South was searching for additional assistance maintaining the store atmosphere and offered to separate the maintenance opportunities to accommodate individuals with disabilities. “Our store had a clear business need; we were looking for dedicated individuals to assist with maintenance. Not only does the Opportunity Services team uphold organizational goals and standards, they come to work with dedication. Each of them truly wants to be here at Walmart and they show us what ‘good’ looks like on a daily basis,” said Fligge.

Although the individual stories of the Opportunity Services team are different, each of them is a success in his or her own way. From dealing with relocation to overcoming behavioral issues, all of the new Walmart employees are enjoying independent employment that they never thought to be possible.  Congratulations to Kyle, Melissa, Savannah, Helen, Jamey and Darrin on your new jobs!

To find out more about Opportunity Services, visit www.oppserv.org.