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Minneapolis (KROC AM News) - Governor Tim Walz isn't the only one who is loosening up on COVID restrictions.  So is the largest school in Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota announced Friday morning ALL its campuses are planning to return to full on-campus operations this fall.

“Given projections on the number of Minnesotans who will be vaccinated, and relying on continued guidance from our public health colleagues, we are increasingly reassured that we can bring students, faculty and staff back to our campuses while effectively minimizing the risk to our community,'' said University of Minnesota President Joan Gabel.

The University has been operating in a hybrid model, with both online and in-person classes. Some campuses had significantly more in-person engagement than others.

University leaders say they are aware of ongoing concerns about COVID-19.

Joan Gabel, photo courtesy of the University of Minnesota
Joan Gabel, photo courtesy of the University of Minnesota

“I want to reassure all members of our University community that we will continue to closely monitor the status of the pandemic, as well as vaccination rates, throughout this spring and summer,” Gabel said. “Unforeseen changes in the pandemic may cause us to adjust our planning, but for now we are confident that this decision is supported by the trends related to pandemic, vaccination rates and the high degree of compliance that Minnesotans overall have shown to reduce the spread of the virus.”

News update:  Austin schools suspend in-person learning - too many infected bus drivers.

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