Two vehicles were total losses in an accident that happened in Stewartville last Thursday, but amazingly one of the passengers insisted on finishing what she started earlier in the day Rochester by completing her later job that night.

Talk about dedication!

Pine Island's M.J. Wagenson was en route to officiate yet another softball game that evening when suddenly another vehicle had pulled out in front of her, causing what would appear by the pictures shown below to be a horrific accident. Luckily, both drivers walked away relatively unscathed, but since Wagenson was still wearing most of her umpire uniform during the accident she must have still been in "game-mode" because all she could think of was getting to the diamond and her next game.

Credit: John Millea

According to John Millea at, Wagenson was less concerned about her totaled car and more worried about making first pitch because the 30-year veteran official then asked the tow-truck driver who arrived later at the scene to give her a ride to the softball game!

Credit: John Millea

She later arrived to the field in the bottom of the third inning to a standing ovation from the crowd, who obviously had gotten wind of the situation, and finished the game like nothing had ever happened.

What a cool story. People forget about all the time and dedication these officials put in towards their craft, and the long hours they put in day after day. We're super thankful she was able to walk away from everything OK so that one day she can talk and maybe even laugh about it all with friends and colleagues for years to come.

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