A few weeks ago, we shared with you that Shakopee-based amusement park Valleyfair was closing its Enterprise ride after 38 years. Now, the park has revealed what will take Enterprise's place starting in 2017...

The new ride, which will be 230 feet high, is called the North Star, and is basically a super-charged swing ride. Riders sit in pairs, in swing chairs that then raise them up 20 stories in the air. Yes, 20 stories! The ride spins the chairs around in a circle, reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour while moving up and down, as well.


According to a Valleyfair press release, "North Star will rank as the second tallest ride in the park next to the 275-foot Power Tower and will occupy the spot soon-to-be vacated by Enterprise, which will be retired later this month. The location positions North Star at the front of the park where, living up to its name, it will serve as a beacon to guide and greet guests on their journey to the park. North Star is the only ride of this type in the upper Midwest."

Construction on the new ride is expected to start this fall, with a projected completion date of sometime in mid-December.