Vanna White had a wardrobe malfunction the other night on 'Wheel of Fortune'. But unlike Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl many years ago, this one was completely G-rated.

See if you can spot the blooper.

If you missed it, her long blue dress actually snagged one of the prop gifts on the big board set and she gracefully dragged it along as she revealed the letters. Host Pat Sajak and the contestants were so focused in on the puzzle that they missed it when it happened.

At the conclusion of the show, Pat and Vanna had a great laugh at the minor mishap.

By the way, this week marked Vanna White's 33rd year as hostess on the show. In addition to turning letters, Vanna also has to clap...a lot. In fact, the Guinness World Book of Records recognizes her as "television's most frequent clapper".