More and more women are choosing to buy from lingerie startups and big retailers, so Victoria's Secret and their teen brand PINK are in a pinch and has announced 53 store closings. Is the Apache Mall Victoria's Secret on the list?

According to CNN Business, sales fell 7% during the quarter that included Christmas. . Is it a sign of a bad economy? Nope...VS is owned by L Brands, and L Brands also owns Bath and Body Works, and in they did OK.

So what? The usual thing is being talked about. Failing to adapt to consumer demand, like custom-fitted bras. Another thing that is hurting them, advertising the same way they always have. One news story said they lost 3.8 million customers last year.

CNN says,

The difficult holiday period and planned store closures are the latest turmoil for the brand. In November, Victoria's Secret's CEO resigned. In December, its annual fashion show sunk to its worst ratings ever. The company closed 30 stores last year as it tried to escape weak malls.

Add to that the body-positive component is missing, and to ignore that movement has obviously not been good for VS (MSN). So...does this mean the Rochester store is closing?

It's too soon to say. No "list" has been released. Do you still shop at Victoria's Secret, or have you gone elsewhere?

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