I've been telling everyone since I moved to the land of ten thousand lakes seven months ago that it is a different type of cold here. No one has believed me! I come from Colorado where it is a dry cold that does no eat you to the bones. I'm not going to lie... there were days growing up, I was outside in shorts and a t-shirt when it was 35 outside because it actually felt warm. Well... Oprah Winfrey agrees with me! She posted this video the other day after making a visit to Minnesota.

Oprah made a stop in St. Paul earlier this week for her 2020 Vision Tour: Your Life in Focus. The MPLS St. Paul said she was accompanied by Tina Fey on this stop. She is traveling around the country with special guests to help give insight to folks on how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. This tour will make nine stops overall according to Oprah's website.

I'm just glad to know that someone felt the same way I did about the cold here! Well, the good news... we will get through it together friend by laughing on the radio!

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