We all know how great the city of Rochester is, right? Our high quality of living, great schools, low crime rate and outstanding medical care all make the Med City a tough place to top. Well, Rochester needs your vote right now in an online contest that could crown us the 'Best Town Ever'!

It's all part of a contest being sponsored by Outside.com -- an outdoor online magazine. The good news is that we've already moved on in the Midwest bracket by beating Bellaire, Michigan and Yellow Springs, Ohio. We're now taking on Eau Claire, Wisconsin in round three. Voting started Wednesday night, and continues through Monday at midnight.

According to Outside.com, the cities vying for the 'Best Town Ever' title were picked according to these factors: "We looked for places with great access to trails and public lands, thriving restaurants and neighborhoods, and, of course, a good beer scene — all while excluding the winners and runners-up from the past three years to make room for hidden gems, underdogs, and towns on the rise."

Let's vote early and vote often for Rochester. It's easy to do: Just click HERE and scroll down until you see the Midwest bracket. So far, Eau Claire is in the lead -- so let's get out the vote!