Harriette Thompson is a 91 year old cancer survivor who beat more than just odds. She shattered a record and you'll never guess in what! I'm sure that you have been touched by someone in your life with cancer.  Perhaps you have been touched with an elderly person in your life also.  I have been blessed enough to experience both the elderly and cancer, and yes not so blessed, but blessed in the end.

Harriette Thompson is from Charlotte, North Carolina and she is a 91 year old cancer survivor who is battling cancer for the second time presently.  Do you suppose that she lets it get her down? No!

The year she turned 76, which was quite some time ago, she ran her first marathon. Since that time, she has done FOURTEEN MORE!  She didn't just start this in childhood.  She began at 76.   Just this past Sunday she ran a marathon in San Diego, at NINETY ONE YEARS OF AGE, and finished in 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 42 seconds and broke a new United States record for a woman over 90.  She didn't just break the record, she destroyed that bad boy!   She beat the previous record by almost TWO WHOLE HOURS! She is now the second oldest woman to EVER finish a maraton in the United States.

She did several interview's after the race and said that she wasn't even sore, nor did she even care about breaking the record.  Pretty darn fantastic if you ask me, and wow, her humility and strength is certainly an inspiration.