He does know that Chandler IS a fictional television character, right?

"Did I just get pranked by the PM?"
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Saturday was April Fool's Day. Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, ripped off a pretty good one by challenging Matthew Perry, Chandler Bing, from Friends to a re-match.

Perry went to grade school with the PM...and, he bullied him.

Yesterday, Trudeau Tweeted ~

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Perry didn't brag about being a bully to Kimmel. Bullying is not something to be proud of or to celebrate. It was just one of those colorful anecdotes. So, what was his reply to the PM?

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Could that BE any more Chandler?!

Are you kinda like me, wondering why the PM would throw some shade on Perry's latest sitcom, The Odd Couple? He's challenging Perry to a boxing match. Why go Chandler, when he could go sportswriter, Oscar?

Sad news, sports fans, The Odd Couple wrapped in January. The third season of the series was a short 13 episodes, totaling 38 episodes. It is the SEVENTH screen version of the comedy. It is also Perry's third sitcom and fourth series overall since Friends ended in 2004.

I'm wondering if Perry will be the first one to cave in on a Friends reunion. Everybody involved in that classic says that there's no way of doing a reunion special episode. It would only be a cash grab and not for story sake.

What does it say, when your old classmate calls you by your best remembered character?