This is not cool.  Walmart started getting a ton of heat yesterday morning when the website noticed the section on their website for Halloween costumes for plus sized women was called, quote, "Fat Girl Costumes."

You'd figure that they'd take immediate action, but it took Walmart at least three hours to fix it.

A spokesman from Walmart says, quote, "We first heard about it this morning, our teams immediately engaged to remove it . . . It is unacceptable and we apologize."

Jezebel's theory is that it might've been a joke by Walmart's web developers while they were building the Halloween section of the site, and no one remembered to change it before it went live.

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They also found a tweet that proved Walmart should have known about it long before  yesterday.

One week ago, a woman tweeted at Walmart that their site said "fat girl costumes" . . . and she got a generic auto-response that said, quote, "Your comments and suggestions are important to us and help make Walmart even better."