Washington, D.C. (KROC-AM News) - First District Congressman Tim Walz was among the 47 Democrats who joined the majority Republicans in the U.S. House to approve legislation that would enact tighter restrictions on Syrian and Iraqi refugees wishing to enter the U.S.

The vote was 289-137, which is above the two-thirds majority threshold needed to override a threatened veto by President Obama.

Congressman Walz issued a statement Thursday that indicates he met with experts, studied the issue and sought out the opinions of southern Minnesotans. He says the message from his constituents was very clear. While they care and have compassion for those fleeing terrorism, a way has to be found to ensure Americans are kept safe from harm.

“Throughout my life, both in and out of uniform, my priority has been to ensure the safety and security of the American people. We have to protect our country and live up to our founding ideals”.

The measure, drafted in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, is now headed to the U.S. Senate where its fate is uncertain.

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