The next time someone tells you to “go take a walk”, they might be doing you a favor.  A new study from Stanford researchers found that a person’s creativity can be increased by as much as 60% when walking.   Wow!   That means if you want to be more creative, just strap on some comfortable shoes and take a walk.

You could also put on some headphones and listen to some “walk-inspired” songs.  I’ve taken the liberty to put together a playlist from some very creative artists:

Dire Straits- “Walk of Life”

Katrina & The Waves- “Walking On Sunshine”

Nancy Sinatra- “These Boots Are Made for Walking”

The Bangles- “Walk Like An Egyptian”

Marc Cohn- “Walking in Memphis”

Johnny Cash- "I Walk The Line"

Kelly Clarkson- “Walk Away”

Aerosmith- “Walk This Way”

and The Proclaimers- “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”  (If those guys really walked 500 miles, they must be geniuses!)