Undated (KROC AM News) - Authorities searched a home in Annandale, Minnesota in July as part of the ongoing Jacob Wetterling abduction case and found a large amount of child pornography, including some involving known child victims. That led to this week’s arrest of the man living at the home, 52-year-old Daniel Heinrich.

Authorities say investigators also found news clippings of Wetterling's abduction and other missing children.They were also looking for evidence that could link Heinrich to the kidnapping and sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy that happened several months before Wetterling disappeared.  

That incident took place in Cold Spring, not that far from the Wetterling abduction. Although some evidence does link Heinrich to that case he can’t be charged because of the statute of limitations in that case has run out. He was actually arrested for that crime in 1990 but released without being charged.

Authorities say Heinrich has long been a suspect in the Wetterling case and has been interviewed several times but denied any involvement.  

Heinrich was living in Paynesville at the time of the Cold Spring case and Wetterling abduction, which is about 30 miles from those two incidents.  

Court documents indicate there were eight reported incidents involving boys around 12 years old who were physically and/or sexually assaulted between 1986-1988, all within a mile of Heinrich’s home. The victims gave very similar descriptions of the attacker. They were also similar to the one given in the Cold Spring case

For more information, read the federal criminal complaint charging Heinrick with the child porn case that was filed Tuesday.  

Here is the Justice Department news release issued Thursday.

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