Back in April, Amazon rebranded their free streaming service as “Amazon Freevee.” (Previously, the service was known as IMDb TV.) The slightly peculiar name indicates that, in addition to plenty of on demand movies and shows, Freevee offers numerous free “channels” of content. These channels operate sort of like old school cable channels, offering around the clock content on a set schedule.

The channels available at present include ones dedicated to The Kids in the HallBoschDeal or No DealThe Price Is RightDivorce Court, and Unsolved Mysteries. The latest addition to the lineup is ALF, the enduringly popular ’80s sitcom about an alien life form (voiced by puppeteer Paul Fusco) who lands on Earth and hides out with a suburban American family.

According to the press release, “all 102 episodes of the classic ’80s live-action series” are available now on their own “FAST” (free ad-supported streaming TV) channel on Freevee. In addition, the channel will soon add the full runs of two different ALF animated series: ALF: The Animated Series and ALF Tales. Throw in the TV movie Project: ALF, and ALF’s Hit Talk Show and you’d have everything ALF ever made all streaming in one place.

That’s a lot of ALF.

Amazon Freevee is ad-supported, so you will need to watch the occasional commercials on ALF or whatever other channels or on demand shows or movies you want to watch. But at a time when costs are rising on just about everything and people may be looking to trim out some of their streaming subscriptions, it’s nice to have a free option. And if you’re not into shows about aliens who love to eat cats, there’s lots of other channels available.

You can check out Amazon Freevee here.

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