Maybe he just wanted an autograph?

I've been to several Twins home openers at Target Field, and every year they bring out their massive U.S. flag to drape across the outfield along with a bald eagle to fly for the National Anthem. When it comes to wild animals, you always wonder how happy they really are to be in front of thousands of people? Well we found out how this particular eagle felt today because following the pregame ceremonies, it suddenly wanted to get it's 15 minutes of fame!

With the Twins hosting the Mariners, Seattle's starting pitcher James Paxton, who was minding his own business and respecting the animals space at the time, surprisingly remained calm as the eagle pounced onto his shoulders!

Here's the hilarious video caught by the FOX Sports North broadcast:

Welcome to baseball in Minnesota: Where it snows in April and eagles attack the visiting team! Thankfully nothing serious happened and the handler was nearby to scoop up the eagle, but it was still a funny scene to witness during an already fun day at the ballpark.

Go Twins!

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