So it's been about a week since the playoff hopes of Vikings fans was completely crushed after Minnesota kicker Blair Walsh missed a chip shot field goal near the end of the game. Had he made it, the Vikings would have likely gone on to win the game and face Arizona this weekend in round two and who knows how much farther they could have gone?

While I've seen several videos showing disappointed Viking fans watching their team lose in heartbreaking fashion, I haven't seen too many videos of Seahawks fans celebrating their victory. Until I came across this one.

While the game was near its conclusion last Sunday, this theater made the standard announcement to the audience to turn off their cellphones before the start of the play. (Yeah, like that was going to happen). Just seconds later and moments before the curtain rose, Walsh missed the field goal, the game was over and the crowd went crazy nuts!

If the game was that important to the people attending the play, why didn't they just stay home and watch the game and go to the play another day?