Who ever told you that guys don't like to dance? This guy can really dance well.  The best part is, he doesn't JUST dance. In six minutes he gives a history lesson, laughter, and pretty much sums up culture while probably preparing himself for a double hip replacement someday.  It's a really crazy performance, and if you haven't seen it, you really have to!  

This fella is from Ohio, but his management company is based out of Savage, Minnesota. His entire career spun off because of this YouTube video from a few years ago. His name is Judson Laipply and he had what you could consider one of the early viral videos on the internet.  I had never seen this video until just now and it blows me away, which is why I'm sure millions of people have watched it.  It is worth watching trust me!

So, he was a public speaker I guess and made a routine for his speaking engagements, which took off so well, a few years later he created that YouTube video. My first thought after watching it was, "Does this guy do parties?" Yeah, he does this for a living!  That is not a big surprise, heck, I'd buy tickets to watch this performance!  My favorite part? When he did the Chicken Dance.  Ahhh... takes me back to the days of Skate Country... can you believe we used to do the chicken dance with big fuzzy dice and on roller skates?  What the heck were we thinking?