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There is a really sweet story and a great viral video that has come out of Mankato, Minnesota! A guy named Will Claussen recently proposed to his girlfriend (who of course said yes). But after the proposal, he had to pop another big question but this time to his brother Henry, who has a form of high-functioning down syndrome according to Bring Me the News. He had to ask Henry to be his best man!

Will came up with this great plan. He wrote a note to Henry which he then put in a bottle and buried. Then Henry had to go out a dig it up. At first, Henry thought it was all a joke but then he found out what the note said and could not believe it! He jumped into his brother’s arms, which you can see in the video.

The note to Henry read:

Henry Joe, you are already the BEST bro, and my very BEST friend, so will you please say yes and be my BEST man?

The video has been shared all over the country and has also been featured on TV stations like ESPN’s SportsCenter and also on The Today Show.

Check out the adorable viral video:

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