I know my vision has gotten much worse over the years. I can probably credit some of that to just growing older, but I'm also betting that years of staring at a computer screen have also contributed to my vision problems.

It's unavoidable, we live in a world where computers are a major part of just about everyone's lives. Many people spend several hours a day, both at their workplace and at home, staring at a computer screen. This often creates some health issues...headaches, blurred vision, neck pain and fatigue to name a few. In fact there's even a condition called 'Computer Vision Syndrome' (or CVS). It's usually a temporary condition brought on by focusing the eyes on a computer monitor or other display device for long, uninterrupted periods of time. Sound familiar?

Here's a video that shows what you can do to help alleviate computer-related eyestrain.

One more thing that might be helpful. Try to make sure you're using an LCD monitor. The older CRT monitors produce 'flicker' which is a major factor in eye strain. If you're stuck with a CRT monitor, make sure the refresh rate is set as high as possible to reduce the flicker.

I've also found it's not a bad idea to just stop and blink every few minutes just to help keep your eyes from becoming dry. If possible, get up and walk away from the screen. Taking a break, moving your body and just stretching out a bit can really help you regain your focus when you have to sit down at the screen once again.

Finally, don't forget to get an eye exam. In addition to checking for things like glaucoma, it's a great idea to have your eyes tested on a regular basis. I hadn't had mine checked for several years and when I went in for an eye exam a couple of months ago, my prescription had changed quite a bit. Getting new glasses has made a big difference for me.