It's Labor Day weekend and it sounds like all of us in this area deserve to enjoy this holiday! We've worked hard here, for the 2nd year in a row, because the same number one this year was number one last year, and its very near. You may as well consider us in the category, and truth is many people from here work there too!  A website named SpareFoot generated a list of the 12 hardest-working cities in America.  The criteria they used were things like the average work hours, commute times, households where both parents work, and people with multiple jobs.

Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0 / ThinkStock
Adobe Illustrator(R) 8.0 / ThinkStock

1.  Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.

2.  Madison, Wisconsin.

3.  Omaha, Nebraska.

4.  Des Moines, Iowa.

5.  Denver, Colorado.

6.  Washington D.C.

7.  Hartford, Connecticut.

8.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

9.  Wichita, Kansas.

10.  Boston, Massachusetts.

11.  Honolulu, Hawaii.

12.  Columbus, Ohio.

Whatever your plans, relax, we have a couple days left, but I think this is something to be proud of. Hard work pays off. Now, for the rest of the weekend, we will not speak of WORK AT ALL!   Work Hard, Play Hard!

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