I think a lot of people missed the point on the Kelly Clarkson fat shaming issue.  On Friday, Chris Wallace from Fox News and conservative radio host Mike Gallagher made some comments about Kelly Clarkson's weight. It's been all over social media and it's been talked to death.  And plenty of people have called 'em out for fat shaming, and the guys apologized, and all that jazz.

But most of what I've seen miss a much bigger point.

Why is Kelly Clarkson's body even a topic of discussion? What does her body's appearance have to do with anything? Why would they think…why does ANYONE think talking about someone else’s body is OK?  I’m not expecting people not to NOTICE how other people look…but you know what? I do kinda expect that one day we'll get past the idea that it’s OK to comment like this.

All body talk can be harmful (even what you may think is positive body talk).  How?

That's what I cover in this segment on the Y-105 Early Morning Show! Please, give it a listen and lemmie know what you think.  Do you agree or am I making too big a fuss?