I remember bringing my son, Michael, to the Minnesota State Fair in 2003 to see Weird Al Yankovic.  Even though Weird Al was making parodies in my teenage years I was more excited for Michael as I thought it would be "for the kids", so to speak.  I was very wrong.  His concert was hilarious no matter how old you were.

Weird Al Yankovic released his new album, "Mandatory Fun" last Tuesday . . . and early estimates say it's on track to sell more than 80,000 copies, which should be enough to make it his first-ever #1 album.

Obviously, these are strange times for music sales . . . but if this happens, he earned it, because 80,000 copies in one week would be Weird Al's best individual sales week since at least 1991, when Nielsen began tracking music sales.

His latest video this week is "Lame Claim to Fame", which is a song that mocks celebrity name-droppers and people who boast about dumb viral achievements like posting 'First!' in the comments of an article or YouTube video.

Start your Monday off with a laugh!

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