A $100 million dollar renovation at LA's Forum just took place and they now sport a HUGE vinyl record, so huge, that it is the world's largest record.   Just yesterday the Eagles began a residency there to reopen the venue. The USA Today reported "Fittingly, the Forum roof has been outfitted with a record-breaking replica of theSouthern California band's landmark multi-platinum Hotel California album. And it spins!"  Watch a video below of the project to see how they made this large vinyl record, the world's largest.

The record is made of vinyl and covers an area of 5.7 acres.   It will be atop the venue until the end of January.   Those flying in and out of LAX will have something to see when they look out their windows!

Wow they went to a lot of effort for a short timespan.  The Eagles residency there consists of a six-date run.   Still, it is quite spectacular!   There is a milestone for the band, something that none other can say they have ever been privy to.