I swear I thought this vodka was for real. And even worse, it took me until Friday to get the joke!  Here's the Instagram that got me.

I was so excited, I immediately started a new blog about the vodka. Running out of time, it went on my Friday list. Then, today, all the DJ's were standing around talking about our plans for the day and our blogs, and when it was my turn, I proudly said, "I'll be writing about that new and super disgusting vokda...the lutefisk vodka."

Jessica - Ummm

Troy - You know...

Curt, Jordan, and everyone else - "What?"

Me - Yeah, that new vodka made in Minnesota. It's gross, but I guess there's a market for everything.

Jessica - (sooo gently) James...that's an April Fools' Day joke. There is no lutefisk vodka.

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