We all know Dr. Suess whose real name is Theodor Geisel but did you know you've been saying his name wrong all your life? Geisel created the name Suess when he was in college which he used in his school's paper... He had to use a fake name because he was banned from the paper after being caught drinking on campus. The name Suess was used because it rhymed with the word voice and there's even a short poem he wrote to help.

“You’re wrong as the deuce/And you shouldn’t rejoice/
If you’re calling him Seuss/He pronounces it Soice.”

The way we currently pronounce the name was a marketing strategy to make him more appealing because it rhymed with Mother Goose. However, you choose to pronounce his name today he will remain apart of our childhood and the childhood of many generations to come.

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