Last weekend, my son Michael was back from college with a load of laundry.  We had a chance to catch up, and when we did, I realized he used the word "like" in conversation quite often.  Then I got to thinking that I, myself,  use the word "like" more often than I should, as well.  It really makes me cringe when I use the word as a crutch and I've been trying to be more conscious of it.

I came across an article about common phrases that people hate the most.  Now I know the word "like" isn't a phrase, but it drives me nuts!  Here are 10 of the most popular answers according to the Huffington Post:

1) "Everything happens for a reason."

2) "At the end of the day . . ."

3) "Do what you love."

4) "I'm sorry if I made you feel that way."

5) "No worries."

6) "I've got a case of the Mondays."

7) "It's Sunday Funday"

8) "Work hard, play hard."

9) "Give 110 percent."

10) "It is what it is"

Do you have one that drives you crazy?