I once found a giant chunk of cheese in a bag of shredded cheese (some shredding required, batteries not included). That’s not gross, but it started the conversation and here are the top five shudder inducing responses…

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    The Dirty Clam

    Tasha Goranson said she found a minnow inside a clam shell. "Musta been lunch for him."

    Michael DeLeon
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    Just the Bud, Buddy

    Dorothy Smith reported two finds...thistle buds in canned peas (luckily/sadly not the sticky parts, just the buds) and metal from baking pan on a bread loaf (delicious...but deadly). 


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    Mmmm....Fettuccine Rubberbandia!

    Karen Kabanuck Faiman says, "I found a rubber band in my pasta at a local restaurant years ago. Apparently they only had rubber bands for the crayons that they give kids, so someone must have had a rubber band fight near the kitchen." That's what they told her, but whatdya wanna bet it was from a pony tail?

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    Is it Gross? Heather Nails It!

    Heather Steinkamp makes it short and exceptionally creepy/crawly. She found a fingernail in a can of soda. ((shudder))

    Keith Bell
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    A Round of Agauze for #1

    Connie Martin comes in at number one with...gagging on the gauze!

    When my daughter was a toddler, and underfoot while I was preparing dinner, I gave her a slice of raisin bread to eat. Soon she was gagging. I grabbed her and checked her mouth and found a strip of gauze. The bakery said it must have come from the bag that held the raisins over the batter.


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