I woke up, showered, made breakfast, and went to work. Somewhere in there I touched something that made my hands smell fantastic!

What is it?

a) Meatloaf
ii) Oatmeal
3) Peanut Butter
or D) Bananas

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PS - James Rabe Fact #456,678a - I eat two breakfasts a day. Lately the first breakfast has been oatmeal with a handful of granola and an english muffin with peanut butter.  I eat that around 4:30AM. Second breakfast  comes around 9AM and it's usually a salad (usually green leaf lettuce, spinach, carrots, and a handful of granola...sometimes with baked tofu). And always fruit...an apple, a banana, an orange, something like that.

Co-workers have no problem with this breakfast plan, but when it's Chinese food leftovers, or $2 Burger Night leftovers, they think that's weird. I tell 'em breakfast is just the time of day, not the food you're eating (people have bacon and eggs for dinner, right?), but they still think it's weird to eat Chinese food or pizza for breakfast.