A guy named 'Devry' walked the streets in Minneapolis asking people what they knew about Christmas-lore.   It was filmed last year near the Nicollet Mall and it's kinda funny to hear how people answer the questions.

Many people can name the reindeer, but even I can't say I know what the names of Santa's Elves.   I think there have to be a lot of them, so there are probably several possible names. The history of elves stretches way back to Norse Mythology as far back as the 13th century & the middle ages.

Mine is:

Peaches Glitterwine
She loves to be in charge of the other elves and tell them what to do!
She wears a tunic embroidered with glittering sequins,
and she makes lucky skateboards and roller-skates for all the good little children.
That is funny... apparently I like to be in charge of the other elves!   I am not so sure I like the glitter tunic, but well, twas all in fun.   Making skateboards and roller-skates would be a fun activity, if I knew how.  You probably wouldn't want to skate with roller-skates I made.    What is your elf name?  Do you know any of the answers to those questions?