Being that we live in the Land of 10,000 Lakes it makes sense we have about 10,000 styles of houses to live in. From small to gigantic, elaborate to modest, Minnesota homes run the spectrum. One home though shares something with Grand Central Station in New York City, and it isn't a train.

The home built in the 1920's in St. Paul for Carl Schuneman, who owned a department store that shared his last name, was built and designed by architect Allen H. Stem of the firm Reed & Stem, which had won the commission to design Grand Central about 20 years earlier.

The design for Schuneman’s Tudor Revival house, with its steep gable dormers and two-story bays, was reportedly inspired by his wife’s desire for a house that reminded her of the East Coast.

The house, located on Grand Hill, which is a block of the historic Summit Ave, has 9,500 square feet, which is plenty of space for entertaining. The historic home is now on the market for a tidy $2.35 million dollars and is listed by Steve Norton, of Norton Realty.

If you thought the outside looked cool, the inside is awesome, not only does it have some modern comforts like you know A/C, it also has servant bells that are like the ones in 'Downton Abbey', and a HUGE wine cellar.

The home will also be a part of the Summit Hill House Tour on Sept. 30 in case you don't have the money to own the house but wanted to check it out anyway.

489 Grand Hill

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