According to a new online survey, Minnesotans enjoy doing THIS the most while we've all been stuck at home.

Now, technically, we're not 'quarantined' anymore here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. That pretty much ended on May 18th, when Governor Walz's 'Stay At Home' order expired. (And even during the SAH order here in Minnesota, it wasn't a strict quarantine, like some European countries experienced-- we could still go outside, we could go to the store, and some of us still went to work.)

But I digress. Many of us DID spend a lot of time at home, not getting together with family or friends (unless it was a virtual Zoom-type get-together, of course.) So what activities did we take up to occupy our time?

That's the question Instagram influencer, Matt Shirley, asked his followers-- all 378,000 of them-- earlier this year. And, as he's famous for doing, Matt then created a chart illustrating just which activity was the favorite during our coronavirus quarantine.

So, what's the most popular activity here in Minnesota? Well, according to Matt's followers, it's... playing video games. Now, seeing as this survey is based entirely on Matt's followers (and isn't a statistically-valid cross-section of Minnesota's population) I guess we can't question the results too much.

Other popular quarantine activities on Matt's chart included watching Netflix/TV (most popular in Iowa and both Dakotas-- and, I'd have guessed was number-one here in Minnesota too), drinking (number-one in my home state of Wisconsin, and also in Michigan, Nebraska, Kansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Oregon, Montana and others), and eating (number-one in Colorado, Utah, New York, Mississippi and Maine.)

Is playing video games more popular here in Minnesota more popular than eating, drinking or binge-watching something on TV? I'm officially skeptical! What was YOUR favorite quarantine activity?

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I respect the yellow states. (Attempt #3 at posting this because I’m an idiot and love making typos.)

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